20 December 2022

Italian textile, an unstoppable 2022

2022 meant the full recovery for the Italian textile sector. The total revenue is estimated to be 96,6 billions of euros for this year. A huge push comes from exports.

96,6 billions of euros means +16% vis a vis 2021. This evaluation has been made by the Italian Textile National Camera, an independent organization founded in 1958. 2022 trends are positive especially thanks to the huge amount of the export: +19% vis a vis 2021 and 80,8 billions of revenue. The main destinations are the United States of America and the Middle East countries.

Predictions for 2023 are not easy to do, right now. Carlo Capasa from the Italian Textile National Camera said we gotta wait untill the january-march 2023 results in order to foresee 2023 trends.


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