8 March 2023

Happy birthday the Chinese B&F®: Multifreight Shanghai

In March 2009 Barbarini & Foglia® landed in China, in the very city center of Shanghai as Multifreight: it’s been 14 years of achieved goals and hard work: happy birthday to us!

China has always been one of the main producers of goods, all around the world. In 2020 Beijing exported 2.5 trillions of USD, meaning 14% of the worldwide export share. Number one! The silver medal goes to the United States of America with 1.6 trillions. In 2008 China exported 1.43 trillions of USD (10,6% of the total export).

So, in March 2009 Barbarini & Foglia® stepped forward to a new challenge: being in the Far East, precisely in China. Here is the schedule: Honk Kong in January 2008, Shanghai in March 2009. This is what we provide: a deep customer experience, being close to our clients and prospects, thanks to our own-sourcing activities. We are Vicky, David, Jing, Jerry, Shirley, Doris, James, Victor, Mango, Bin, Ida and Cecilia. We are still standing and never stop to increase our know-how and the customer service activity. During the 2023 Rabbit Year we wish to celebrate our 14th birthday: happy birthday Multifreight Shanghai, happy birthday Barbarini & Foglia®!