Why us?

Choosing us means entrusting your business to a company capable to fulfill every supply chain needs and to handle them directly.

Not just transport: we grant top professional skills and knowledge to support customers in every step of their business, from order planning to product delivering.

Transparent: we create relationships based on transparency, information sharing is our distinctive feature.

Flexible: we offer both standard and customised solutions: services and assistance tailored to customer needs.

Worldwide diffusion: thanks to our 9 offices and a network of agents reaching over 80 countries.

Empathetic: we are able to get connected with our clients and work alongside them to solve the problem together


Everybody promises to give you the world,
we actually deliver it


Through carefully selected partners and agents we have set up 300 offices in 80 countries and five continents


Our offices in Italy are located in Rome, Bari, La Spezia, Livorno, Milan, Modena and Venice, it guarantees proximity to operation venues and close relationships with partners and customers. For over ten years we have also been in the Far East with offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai.