6 February 2023

Import of Chinese and Thai cast pipe hit by a new anti-dumping duty

The EU has established a new anti-dumping duty on the import of cast iron pipe fittings from China and Thailand

The European Commission has established this new anti-dumping duty on imports of cast iron pipe fittings from China and Thailand under the regulation (EU) 2023/131. The regulation applies to goods under the HS code 7307191010, which falls under the category of common metals and their work > Iron and steel work > Pipe fittings (e.g. joints, elbows, sleeves) of iron or steel > Iron > Others, originating from China (PRC) and Thailand. Exceptions are made for “bodies of compression fittings using ISO DIN 13 metric thread and malleable iron threaded circular junction boxes without having a lid“. The regulation states that the production of these goods involves the use of “metal scrap, coke/electricity/gas, sand (for moulding) and zinc (for galvanisation)“. A first phase of the manufacturing process involves melting scrap metal. Additionally, there will be monitoring of imports of cast iron pipe fittings whose origin is from the People’s Republic of China.