25 October 2022

25 october, World Pasta Day

Since 1998 we all celebrate the World Pasta Day in order to praise one of the most famous Made in Italy good worldwide exported.

Pasta is not just a matter of taste. Of course it is, but it is something more, something deeper. It is part of the italian nutritional culture, it is the fundamental daily food. National Statistic Institution (ISTAT) published some data about this topic and showed how pasta is one of the Made in Italy motors alongside with moda. 3,6 millions of tons of pasta are produced every year (25% of the World production).

As Barbarini e Foglia we are so proud to ship pasta expecially toward United States of America and Asia. We export tortelloni, spaghetti and other types of pasta: dry and fresh by air, by sea and by truck.

As the great Federico Fellini said: “Life is a combination of pasta and magic”.


To export your shipment of pasta, our contacts are: +39 06658611 and info@befgroup.com